Demand grows for emergency food support

Video report by ITV Meridian's Juliette Fletcher

As the weeks pass during this latest lockdown, more and more people are turning to food banks for support.

Oxford Mutual Aid, has seen the demand for emergency food parcels double in recent weeks. 

The strong team of volunteers help to organise, pack and deliver surplus food to families throughout the city.

Fresh fruit and veg waiting to be packed up

The community action group help around 240 families every week by redirecting surplus food.

They supply fresh and tinned produce, toiletries and baby products and are the largest provider of emergency support in the city. 

Baby products are particularly in demand

The request for emergency food parcels has increased.

Oxford Mutual Aid were receiving five or six requests a day, but now receives up to fifteen a day.

They support the homeless, people who are self-isolating, and people who can't afford to buy food and provisions.

Director of Oxford Mutual Aid, Muireann Meehan Speed, says anyone in need can ask for help.

She said: "Please come forward. There is no shame, no stigma and there are so many people who are in this situation."

  • Director of Oxford Mutual Aid, Muireann Meehan Speed