Mayor Sadiq Khan urges drivers in the South to lobby Government over £5.50 London boundary charge

Watch: What is the boundary charge and why are businesses frustrated over the prospect of paying it?

The Mayor of London has urged people in the South to lobby the government over plans to introduce a 'border tax' for anyone heading into Greater London.

Sadiq Khan's proposing a charge of £3.50 rising to £5.50 to help fill a black hole in Transport for London's budget caused by a 90% drop in passengers during the pandemic.

The toll, to be introduced in October 2023, would apply between 6am and 7pm.

Mr Khan told ITV News the government would be to blame as they are not offering enough financial assistance to deal with the deficit.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps previously dismissed the threat and said the government would have 'serious concerns' over the proposal.

  • Businesses in the South frustrated over the potential tax

Businesses in the South who need to use the capital for work are frustrated by having to pay the boundary charge.

Richard Jameson's event transport business in Marlow, Buckinghamshire work on TV shows such as the X Factor and Britains Got Talent, along with big events at places such as Wembley.

Richard Jameson's already spent a lot of money ensuring his fleet can enter London Credit:

He's already upgraded his fleet of 17 trucks, spending £1.25 million to ensure they meet London's emission zone rules.

£27,000 was also paid out to purchase safety cameras, sensors and alerts for his lorries to meet new London regulations in march.

Mr Jameson understands why those measures were needed but he's struggling to get his head round a border tax which he estimates will cost him £10,000 a year.

"To bring in the tax at this time it's not that helpful. We've suffered throughout the pandemic and with the lockdown."We work in the hospitality business which has been most affected. We can't even see an end to this yet we can see the new charges being brought in before we can see us returning to work."

Dinez Carnay's taxis and airport transfer business in Aldershot and Farnborough would lose trade because he'd have to put the charge onto his passenger's fare.

"Just like any other business we have to pass these extra charges to our passengers. The problem relies on passengers being happy to pay for congestion charge, for ULEZ and the fare will be increased."

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Sadiq Khan could only introduce the charge if he is reelected in May's mayoral elections.

A win for him could be a financial loss for drivers and businesses in the South.