Asymptomatic key workers in Wokingham get rapid Covid tests

  • Full report from ITV News Meridian's Mel Bloor

Key workers who regularly leave their homes to travel to and from work will now be able to get a rapid Coronavirus test; even if they don't show any symptoms.

Three sites are being set up, with testing available at the council offices in the town centre, at Thames Valley Park, with a third location due to be announced next week. 

So far only two positive cases have been detected from three thousand lateral flow tests Credit: ITV News Meridian

Similar to home pregnancy kits, the lateral flow tests detect proteins that are present when a person has COVID-19 and they offer a result in around 30 minutes.

Out of 3,000 tests that have been carried out in Wokingham only 2 have came back positive.

The lateral flow tests can can return results in 30 minutes Credit: ITV News Meridian

The tests have came under some criticism due to their inability to detect low viral loads. But experts say its limitations are a trade off with the quick turnaround.

Wokingham Borough Council is is urging more people to come forward to get tested to help reduce the spread of the virus.