Lockdown Lift: How one woman's hot dog costume is bringing smiles to the aisles!

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Sarah Saunders

A woman from Kent has been raising 'Smiles in the Aisles' by dressing up in a different costume every time she heads out to do her weekly shop.

Laura Winter from Gravesend has been collecting money for charity while donning fancy dress to make people smile.

So far, among other costumes, she's been out dressed as a hot dog, Elsa from Frozen and a lion.

Laura shopping as a hot dog.

She started the idea with her friends and so far Laura has raised more than £1,200 for the National Emergencies Trust's Coronavirus Appeal.

In one of her videos online she said: "Hi everyone, well I have been accused previously of taking the easy way out by shopping in the evening so I am going on a Saturday - well today I am going dressed as - a hot-dog!"

Mhairi Sharp from the National Emergencies Trust's Coronavirus Appeal says things like this help to raise spirits.

Mhairi says: "It's absolutely fantastic to see them getting out there and doing something that lifts the spirits of the British public. 

"The money will go to streets, towns, and cities across the UK to support everyone; from those who don't have food on the table, to those who don't have a roof over their head."

Laura will continue her challenge until lockdown ends. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Laura plans to keep dressing up and raising money until the end of lockdown.