200 million litres of rainwater pumped out of sewers in South East to prevent homes flooding

  • Sangeeta Bhabra talks to Southern Water's Kelly Robinson about the measures

Between November and the end of January the South East received 124 per cent of its average rain fall for the period.

It's left the ground saturated, forcing more water than usual into the sewer system.

Southern Water is pumping the water out to prevent the network becoming overwhelmed and homes and businesses flooding.

Southern say that between November and January they have seen the equivalent of 124% of average national rainfall Credit: ITV News Meridian

So far, 50 tankers have taken away 200 million litres of rainwater.

Southern's Customer Service Manager for Kent Kelly Robinson says:"This winter the weather has been truly extreme - the Nailbourne River in Canterbury is flowing again - something it hasn't done since 2016".

She went on to say that they are working closely with the Environment Agency and councils to reduce the risk of flooding.


Amount of times the South East's Winter rainfall would fill Bewl Water Reservoir

5.5 billion

Litres of rainfall in the South East between November and January

MTS Cleansing Services, who are contracted to pump the water from the sewers, say they will continue as long as there's a need to keep people's properties dry.