Lockdown Lift: Happy homecoming for Meeko the dog

Report by ITV News Meridian's Mary Stanley

When Meeko, a toy poodle, went missing from Farley Mount near Winchester, his owners and dozens of volunteers scoured the area looking for him.

They were almost giving up hope when he re-emerged, having spent 5 days and nights in freezing conditions, surviving against the odds. 

Meeko is only 1 year old and weighs less than 4kg. Being so small, makes his survival all the more amazing. It's thought he may have found a rabbit hole to keep himself safe and warm.

Meeko Credit: Family photo

His owners left food each night for him to find and are grateful for the many people who joined the search, having seen posters on social media.

Meeko's homecoming was captured on video and has been watched thousands of times online.

Anna Brown, Meeko's owner says: "We always moan that he's annoying and a typical hyper little yappy Poodle. They've got a lot of energy but I don't think we'll ever moan about him again"