'There's tears on the wards quite frequently': How staff at Poole Hospital are coping with the stress of the pandemic

  • Full report from ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee

The number of COVID-19 infections may now be coming down, but the pressure on our hospitals continues, especially for NHS staff.

One year since the start of the pandemic, Richard Slee has spent a day at Poole Hospital where staff in the Critical Care unit are still treating dozens of COVID-19 patients.

But many staff are absent with sickness or are having to self-isolate, so the knock on effect is affecting all parts of the hospital.

Currently the hospital is approximately forty percent down on staff due to COVID-19 and other illnesses Credit: ITV News Meridian

In Critical Care, staff are tired and it's the emotional side of the job which is taking its toll. "When you are dealing with them in such intimate ways you get a quick connection with them, so whist we are used to intensive care, patients sadly dying, it's a little bit more challenging this time" says Eoin Scott, a Critical Care Matron.

Although COVID-19 infections are now there's a large backlog of Cancer and Cardiac treatment. Dealing with longer waiting lists is the next challenge.