Cat who went missing for 14 years is reunited with his owners

  • Video report by ITV Meridian reporter Richard Slee

A couple in Bournemouth who lost their precious cat 14 years ago are overjoyed that, against all the odds, they have finally been reunited with him.

Mandy and her husband Paul had long given up hope of being re-united with their tabby cat called Taz. 

Taz escaped through an open bathroom window more than a decade ago

However, this year they saw him on a social media Lost and Found pets page. 

He had been living as a stray, but was taken in by a lady who was concerned about his declining condition.

Then he was being looked after at this Cat Rescue centre while he recovered from treatment.

Taz hadn't strayed far from his original home in Parkstone, not far from where Mandy used to live.  Now seems to be very happy to be home.