Hospitality industry concerns over 'covid vaccine passports'

  • Video report by ITV News reporter Nick Smith

Leading figures in UK hospitality have told ITV News they have concerns that so-called 'covid vaccine passports' will pose huge challenges for use in places like pubs and restaurants. Proof of having a jab is soon likely to be needed for international travel, last night EU leaders agreed that a system will be developed for European trips.

Two thirds of respondents in one survey back their use in hospitality - and there have even been suggestions the NHS app could be used to prove someone's vaccination status.

Last night EU leaders agreed that a system will be developed for flights between countries in Europe Credit: ITV News Meridian

Anselm Chatwin, a music venue owner says: "I think it'll be a real wild west of people coming up with their own ideas of what a vaccine passport is and it leaves us potentially wide open to legal issues".

Clara Cullen, from The Music Venue Trust thinks it is unlikely that it'll happen: "I think it'll be left to individual venues to make a choice on that and I think they'll fall in line with what their clients and their customers deem a tolerable level of risk".

Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive, UK Hospitality says: "There may be a roll in it for re-opening large scale events but using it to access a night club or a bar... it's just not practical for that".

For the moment there's a lack of legal direction and it leaves the door open for businesses implement their own rules - where people could still be told that "no jab means no entry".