University lecturer racially abused and assaulted by gang of men in Southampton

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Mary Stanley

Dr Peng Wang was jogging in broad daylight in Woolston when four men shouted racial abuse from a car. When he shouted back, they got out and assaulted him. He was repeatedly punched and kicked to the ground and needed hospital treatment for injuries to his face and shoulder.

  • Dr Peng Wang describes what was said to him and the fears he has his family

When asked what the men shouted at him, Dr Peng Wang said: "They were saying things like Chinese virus, get out of the country and dirty words".

He added: "I don't feel as safe as before.  I was also worried about what if this happened when I was with my son.  He is only 2 and a half years old.  Am I able to protect him?".

The location of where the assault took place Credit: ITV News Meridian

Dr Wang moved to Southampton in 2014 to become a lecturer in financial management at the University. 

The University of Southampton described this as an "appalling and unprovoked attack". They're urging students and members of staff to report any racist crimes they witness or experience.

  • Local resident reacts to the assault

Dr Wang says he is grateful to the local residents who came to his aid. 

But as police investigations continue, he is recovering and considering whether he and his family should stay in the city.