Worthless, anxious and depressed... the pandemic's impact on airline staff

Video report by ITV News Meridian's James Dunham

Worthless, anxious and depressed...

They are three emotions shared by people who've worked within the aviation industry, according to a survey by ITV News Meridian and 'Not Just Crew'.

We've heard from more than 500 crew, a year on from the industry's collapse which saw thousands of jobs go across the airline industry.

Julie Snelling was cabin crew for thirty years Credit:

"It was like a grieving process", says Julie Snelling from Steyning who lost her job in June. She'd been flying for 30 years.

"You get the tears and then the anger, you get all those feelings.

"I felt down and I didn't want to do anything and then I was having a go at my husband because I felt like I needed somebody to blame."

Natalie Liston-Tugwell first worked on a flight in 2004 Credit:

Natalie Liston-Tugwell from Bognor Regis worked her first flight in 2004.

Before her redundancy, she was responsible for safety training. 

"The impact was huge, my mood swings were horrific at home. I was worried every day about where my money would come from just to pay the bills.

"It's having an effect on my whole lifestyle. I've still got to bills to pay, it's not just a little amount it's a substantial that I've gone for with the pay cut but at the end of the day I'm happy with my job and there's not that many jobs to go for."

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Vivian Pavey has struggled to find other work but is hopeful she'll fly again one day Credit:

Vivian Pavey from Southampton is hopeful she'll return to the aviation industry but finding other work is difficult,

"I got an interview very easily but within weeks everything closed. By the time I got myself out there and got myself a interview, England locked down and everything closed off. Everything that I did have contact with closed off."

"I haven't finished flying, for a six year career it's just the beginning and I don't believe it would be the end of it. If it was, I've had the most fantastic job."

Michelle Lane worked from Gatwick Credit:

Michelle Lane's aviation career at Gatwick came to an end after two maternity leaves, she's now expecting a third child.

She admits finding a part time job is really difficult and is coming to terms with the fact that she's unlikely to return to a career in aviation.

"It is worrying to me. I'm not what my world is going to look like in a few years time when I've had baby number three and I'm looking to go back to work. I've lost a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities through the interview process and the fact that I interviewed for a job that I've done for ten years and i wasn't successful and it's heartbreaking."

"It falls on my husband's shoulders now, he has to support everyone in the family I've got no way of supporting myself, I've got no way of supporting the children. He's had to take on everything which is just so awful for me as a person because I feel very guilty about that."