Campaigners fight against last bank closure in town

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Campaigners in a town in Buckinghamshire say the impending closure of a local bank branch will be a catastrophe for the area.

The TSB building has stood in the town of Winslow for decades, but the bank says its branch has to close, as increasing numbers of people now do their banking online.

The TSB building has stood in Winslow for decades. Credit: ITV Meridian

Local MP Greg Smith and the town's Rev Andrew Lightbown - the Rector for the Winslow Benefice - says it's a short-sighted move, that will impact badly on the community.

One idea put forward by campaigners, as an alternative service, is for a 'pop up' bank to be installed in town council premises. Councillor Llew Monger from Winslow Town Council explains the idea.

TSB says that any decision to close a branch is not taken lightly, but that there has been a marked shift away from more traditional banking, towards online services. 

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