Cat survives being shot in face with air rifle and finds forever home

040321-cat shot with air rifle in kent-cats protection
Credit: Cats Protection

A stray cat who survived a shot to the face with an air rifle has found his "forever home". 

Oak, thought to be around eight years old, was found scavenging and limping on the Isle of Sheppey and was reported to Cats Protection.

Staff in Swale thought the cat had a cancerous lump in his cheek, but soon discovered it was shrapnel embedded in his face.

Kim from Cats Protection said their mouths 'fell open'.

She said: "It's not often we are blindsided by a cat but Oak had us all gaping in shock.

"The vet discovered that the lump wasn't cancerous, as we had feared. In fact, it was shrapnel from an air rifle pellet. Poor Oak had been shot in the cheek."

The shrapnel was removed from Oak Credit: Cats Protection

The vet wasn't able to judge when the shooting occurred as the wound had healed and fur had grown over to hide any sign of injury.

Kim said: "We were shocked and saddened by his injury, but since being treated and coming into care he has been very sweet and affectionate.

"He was just a nervous stray who wouldn't allow the feeders to get near to him. We are confident that he will become a very loved member of his new family."

Oak the rescue cat Credit: Cats Protection

Oak has recovered well from the treatment and is being looked after in a foster home.

He has been reserved by a family and plans are underway for him to be delivered to his forever home.