Margate awarded £22 million in budget for improvements

  • Watch a report by Tony Green

People and organisations across the country have been reacting to the news that their areas have been awarded money for improvements and investments following the Chancellor’s budget for the year ahead.

Places including Margate in Kent, Boscombe in Dorset and Crawley in Sussex are among the places to benefit.

Margate will receive twenty-two million pounds as will Boscombe. Crawley, which has been left with a large amount of unemployment following the collapse of air travel during the pandemic will be given just over twenty million pounds.

The news has been met with great optimism in Margate. The money will be used around four key areas including issues such as tackling health inequalities; create more public open spaces; invest in the town's heritage and scaling up the town's creative sector.

Artists, such as the ceramicist Kate Malone, are among the latest groups of people to be drawn to the town of Margate.

There are thirty-eight projects which could be eligible for a share in the money being invested in the town’s future.