School welcomes back pupils with Hamilton parody

  • Perins School's parody welcome back video in the style of award-winning musical Hamilton

A musical video welcoming pupils back to school in Hampshire has gone viral.

 The school's executive Headteacher Mr Jones wrote and performed the famous musical number as King George III in a Hamilton style parody of ‘You’ll Be Back’

The school reached out to the community to take part and said the response was overwhelming, with numerous local businesses, parents, teachers and students all taking part in the project. 

After a long lockdown winter it felt wonderful to work on a creative project again. The students are the beating heart of Alresford which it why it was so important to include the local community within the film. The Creative Arts department especially have been waiting for the day we can say ‘You’ll Be Back’ and no matter what, so will the Arts!

Creative Director Marilitsa Alexiou, Perins School