Charge for dropping off passengers at Gatwick Airport comes into effect

080321-gatwick airport drop off
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People will be charged for dropping off passengers at Gatwick Airport's North terminal forecourt from Monday (8 March).

There will be a £5 charge imposed for vehicles dropping off directly outside the terminal.

Airport bosses say it is being introduced to help protect the business and preserve jobs, following the significant financial impact of Covid-19.

As a result of the pandemic, the airport has made losses of more than £460m and lost over 40% of its workforce.

Gatwick Airport drop-off

Blue badge holders and staff employed on the airport campus will be exempt from the charge.

Anyone who does not wish to pay the charge will be able to drop-off or pick-up passengers in the airport's long-stay car parks with two hours free parking and a free shuttle bus to the terminal. 

Gatwick Airport drop-off Credit: Library pictures

Jonathan Pollard, Chief Commercial Officer, Gatwick Airport, said: "We recognise that a drop off charge is never going to be popular with some people.

"However given that we have just announced losses of £465 million and a reduction of more than 40% of our workforce in 2020, we have little choice but to explore new revenue streams to help us protect the remaining jobs."The charge will be introduced at the South Terminal forecourt on 12 April, in preparation for the expected restart of international travel.