"It's the first thing I see in the morning at the last thing I see at night.": Residents' fly-tipping misery

  • Report by ITV News Meridian's Rosalie Falla's

Residents of one street in Reading say they are fed up of fly-tippers ruining their homes.

Peter has been a resident of Chester Street in Reading for 50 years. Credit: ITV Meridian

Peter Small has lived on Chester Street in Reading for 50 years, but for the last few years he says the area has been plagued by fly-tippers, particularly on one patch of land opposite his house.

He said "The first thing I see in the morning is that tip over there, and the last thing at night. It can get distressing."

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Just over a year ago, Reading Borough Council created a Recycling and Waste Enforcement team to help with issues including fly-tipping. They have issued around 500 penalty notices so far.

Councillor Adele Barnett-Ward is the Lead Member for Neighbourhoods and Communities, she says fly-tipping is "unacceptable".

Mattresses are among the rubbish abandoned. Credit: ITV Meridian

The land is privately owned, which makes it difficult to keep clear. However, the council's enforcement team have issued fines to some of the people who dumped their rubbish here, and are considering taking action against the landowners.

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