Number of Covid vaccinations in Berkshire to be increased after figures revealed lower uptake

The number of people being given a Covid vaccination in Berkshire is to be increased after figures revealed the county was behind some other areas. 

Public health officials say it is because of a number of factors, including fewer residents in the older age group and less of a take-up in towns like Reading.

Meradin Peachey, Berkshire Director of Public Health says: "We are going to be receiving, across all of Berkshire, around two to three times the vaccines we've had in the past. And I'm hoping that this will redress quite a lot of the balance.

"With that much extra vaccination, the NHS is perfectly capable of scaling up to do more vaccinations and they're ready to do it."

From 6 March, people aged between 56 and 59 started receiving letters inviting them to book their vaccination appointment.

If you are not yet eligible, the NHS is reminding the public that they will need to wait to be contacted.

On its vaccine uptake webpage, the government said: "High vaccine uptake is vital to the success of the vaccine programme in helping us defeat COVID-19.

"Without high uptake across our communities, our lives, and those of our loved ones, will remain at high risk from this devastating virus."