Survey suggests more than half of young people in favour of a 'vaccine passport'

A new survey says more than half of young people in Dorset are in favour of a 'vaccine passport'.

The research conducted by record label RAVR also found 91% of those questioned would be happy to take a rapid Covid test before attending a concert or festival.

The proposal, which is currently being tabled by many countries around the world, would require those who wish to attend a concert or festival, provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination through way of a "vaccine passport".

More than 95.% of the 233 residents asked said they would feel safe returning to an "undistanced" event or concert this year.

RAVR founder Tom Turner said: "It is clear from the results of our survey, that whilst the young people of Dorset are keen to return to concerts and festivals, there is widespread care and concern for Covid-19 safety measures."

Credit: Press Association

Many festival organisers have postponed their events due to the coronavirus pandemic, including The Isle of Wight Festival, which will now take place in September instead of June.

Meanwhile Reading and Leeds festival will go ahead this year following the government's announcement of the roadmap out of lockdown.

In a tweet the official Reading and Leeds account said: "Following the government's recent announcement, we can't wait to get back to the fields this summer. LET'S GO."

The sister events – known for their mix of rap, rock and pop – are due to take place between August 27 and 29 after both were cancelled in 2020 due to the onset of the pandemic.