Brighton beach rapist jailed for eight years

Anyul Hoque rapist
Aynul Hoque jailed for rape Credit: Sussex Police

A chef who raped a man on Brighton beach has been jailed for eight years.

Police were called after Aynul Hoque was spotted having sex with a man who was unconscious.

The attack took place east of the Palace Pier at around 5am on August 1st, 2020.

Aynul Hoque, who's 32, was arrested and first aid given to the victim.

He pleaded guilty to one count of rape when he appeared at Lewes Crown Court.

Hoque was positively identified by witnesses, and was found to be in possession of some items belonging to the victim.

He was also in possession of a black balaclava.

On the night in question, the man had been walking along the seafront after a night out with friends.

He had stopped and had friendly conversations with a number of people, before heading down to sit on the beach.

It was there that Hoque took advantage of the victim by raping him

Sussex Police have thanked the vigilance of members of the public and the swift response by officers, who were able to arrest the suspect at the scene.