Behind the scenes at Maidstone Hospital

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Front-line NHS staff have been working in challenging conditions throughout the coronavirus pandemic - treating patients in Covid wards, intensive care and A&E.

But those we rarely hear about - the laboratory scientists, the IT technicians and the cleaners - have all played crucial parts in this crisis. 

Tahlil Zoman joined the NHS three months ago. Credit: ITV Meridian

Tahlil Zoman joined the NHS three months ago as cases of Covid-19 began to surge. 

As a trainee biomedical scientist, he works in the laboratories at Maidstone Hospital, where he analyses the results of coronavirus tests.

At its peak, this laboratory was dealing with almost 1,000 Covid tests a day. Extra staff and equipment had to be brought in to cope with demand.

It's where Victoria Jenner works. She says it's been a difficult year.

As well as carrying out hundreds of Covid tests every day other vital work still has to carry on. Laboratories at Maidstone Hospital still have to carry out tests on other infections like sepsis, MRSA and urine infections.

Sandra Hobden is the Lead Biomedical Scientist for Microbiology.

Infection control has been one of the highest priorities in hospitals. Cleaners like Sushila Pradhan tasked with wiping down and sanitising the wards. At times, it's been mentally and physically challenging.

Some NHS workers rarely see the patients but they ensure that they get the care and treatment they need.