One-man knife amnesty collects more than 50 dangerous weapons

Video report by ITV Meridian's Mel Bloor

Samurai swords and machetes are among the dozens of dangerous weapons to be taken off the streets of Reading during a one-man knife amnesty. 

The amnesty, which was launched by Tilehurst resident Odane Cross, has been running since February 18.

The 'Trade the blade' campaign offers knife-carriers the chance to hand over their weapons with guaranteed anonymity. People can either go to Odane or he offers to pick the blades up from wherever they are. He then hands in the weapons to police.

Odane, who runs his own Caribbean food delivery business, offers discount on orders to those who hand over a knife and has also teamed up with a clothing range as an added incentive.

Odane says he felt compelled to try and reduce knife crime in Reading following the deaths of three young men in the town.

The 28-year-old lives in Dulnan Close, Tilehurst, where 26-year-old Raheem Hanif died after being stabbed on February 6.

Olly Stephens, Raheem Hanif and Yannick Cupido were all fatally stabbed in Reading

Raheem's death followed that of 13-year-old Olly Stephens, who died in early January after being stabbed in a park in Emmer Green.

Yannick Cupido, who was 24, was fatally stabbed in Managua Close, Caversham on Valentine's Day.  

So far, Odane has collected some terrifying weapons from children as young as 11.

As well as samurai swords and machetes, he's also been given hacksaws, hammers, and meat cleavers.

Some of the weapons Odane has collected

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said they are aware of the knife amnesty being run by Odane and despite the force not participating directly in it, they thank members of the public who wish to play a part in reducing serious violence and knife crime in the community.

To get in touch with Odane anonymously, you can message him on Facebook or call on 07734 422 400.