Former Speedway champion rejoins Isle of Wight team behind the scenes

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Andrew Pate

A former Speedway champion from the South has rejoined the Isle of Wight team, the Wightlink Warriors, behind the scenes.

Twelve years ago, Brendan Johnson was fighting for his life after a crash which left him with serious head injuries and a collapsed lung.

Brendan suffered head injuries and a collapsed lung in the crash

He was battling for the lead when he crashed out of the race for the Isle of Wight Islanders, as the team was then known. He spent time on a life support system before recovering.

Brendan says he is thankful to put the crash behind him.

Brendan was battling for the lead when the crash happened

A year after the crash Brendan returned to the track and was crowned British under-18 champion.

He raced for the islanders for a number of years, before another injury ended his career.

He is now joining the club's commercial department.

Brendan was crowned British under-18 champion a year after the crash

Brendan said: "My knowledge of the island and their fan base, my history in the sport, my understanding as a rider and a fans point of view, because let's face it I was a fan before I was a rider, so bringing that knowledge and enthusiasm to really spark the life back into the sport."

Brendan said he appreciates everything life offers him and feels the future is bright for Speedway on the island.