Hundreds march through Brighton in 'Kill the Bill' protest

More than 1000 people gathered in front of Brighton Police station as part of the Kill the Bill protest.

The group gathered at The Level before marching to the station in John Street on Saturday afternoon.

Chants of 'Whose Streets- Our Streets" and "F*** the police" were heard. Many at the protest were holding banners , including signs that said "Kill the Bill" and "Defund the police".

There are no reports of any arrests but the station remained shut during the protest, and officers were lined along a side entrance.

It follows other protests held earlier this month, and comes in the wake of violent scenes in Bristol on Friday night, where 10 arrests were made following clashes between protesters and police.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson branded the violence towards police as "disgraceful" and said that police and the city had his full support:

Sussex Police said that at approximately 5pm the crowd began marching towards the city centre and a significant number of protesters congregated outside Brighton Police Station in John Street in front of a police cordon.

A smaller group of protesters moved around the city, causing some minor travel disruption, until dispersing at around 9.30pm.