Meet the 100-year-old raising money for families in Africa

  • Video report by ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee

It is definitely a case of one hundred years young for Pat Bishop. Throughout the period of Lent, Pat is walking 500 steps every day, without exception.

She says: "Everything I thought would be so difficult, I would not be able to do has now ben part of my day and everything that's happened has really helped me very much to keep it going." 

Pat celebrating her 95th birthday Credit: ITV News Meridian

For Pat though, this all part of life's adventure, and she knows how to celebrate birthdays in style. 

At 95, she was soaring through the skies, being carried along by a parachute. At 80, she had a ride in a helicopter.

Now, it's the 40-day walking challenge. Pat says she was inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore.

The money she raises, more than £7,000 so far, will help families in Africa, who don't have access to clean water. It is part of the Walk for Water campaign.

  • Pat's daughter Mandy on her mothers 'spirit'

Her daughter, Mandy, says: "She's had wet days and she's just got her mac on and got dressed up and she's gone out whatever it's been like, and I just think it's her spirit that has driven her forward." 

Liz Baldwin, from the aid charity 'CAFOD' says: "The fact that Pat is able to do do what she can in her way is such an amazing act of solidarity for all the thousand of CAFOD supporters across England and Wales who are doing the same thing, it's such a boost to them, such fantastic encouragement."

  • Pat on what she'll do to celebrate her 101st birthday

So far Pat has raised just over £7,000 for the CAFOD Walk for Water Campaign. You can find out more on her fundraising page here.