'Respect the Range' campaign highlights dangers of trespassing on military land

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Juliette Fletcher

A new campaign by the Ministry of Defence is highlighting the dangers of trespassing on land, particularly when military training is taking place.

The 'Respect the Range' campaign is educating walkers, cyclists and runners who use active military training areas for recreational use.

The campaign is focusing on Salisbury Plain and Aldershot before it is rolled out further.

Lt Col Tim Jalland, Commander of the South West Training Area, said: "We had a couple on Salisbury Plain who ignored reg flags, closed gates and indeed climbed a fence into the artillery impact area.

"Not only did they put their own lives at risk but they stopped training."

The public is being urged to check training times to avoid any danger Credit: Ministry of Defence

The public are welcome on the sites but as vital training is being carried out, they are being urged to check range opening times and to abide by barriers, red flags and warning signs.

The lockdown has meant more people are using these areas, and with the weather improving, the Ministry of Defence wants to make sure that the sites can be used safely by all.

This area in Aldershot attracts walkers and cyclists alike Credit: ITV News Meridian