Hockey: Women's squad await news of who will be selected to represent GB in Tokyo

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Sarah Gomme

While athletes in some sports already know whether they've been selected to represent Team GB at Tokyo in July, others are still waiting for the career-defining news.

Among them are 26 members of the GB Women's Hockey squad, including Ellie Rayer who grew up close to the squad's training centre at Bisham Abbey near Marlow.

24-year-old Ellie currently has 25 teammates in her squad, who have all together once again after lockdown restrictions forced them to train alone at home.

After what has been a year of unprecedented change to their routine, these women know just 16 of them will soon be selected to compete in Tokyo.

Ellie says: "We are all fighting for a spot and not everyone will get there but we all have a job to do and will all have played our part".

Ellie didn't focus on this sport until she'd excelled at many others, even representing Wales as a 400-metre sprinter.

However there is no question about her unfaltering passion for hockey.

She says: "Hockey as a team sport is just great but there is individual facets to it. You can still make your mark, show off, and put your name on it within the team sport".

Lockdown has meant the typical Olympic four year programme which athletes follow has been re-written and much of the year has been spent adapting to solo training.

"Making my own routine was almost quite exciting - that little bit of freedom was quite amazing and a lot of the girls embraced it and made the most of it".

GB Hockey team in practice.

Even at what will be a very different Olympics, the sense of pride should Ellie be selected could be no greater.

She says: "We have played a couple of matches behind closed doors and without crowds and you're still just as proud putting on that shirt.

"Hopefully the Japanese are able to make all the noise our parents or friends would have made.

"We make the most of it and hope that everything goes ahead and we make people, proud."