People flock to barber shops and hairdressers

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Tony Green

People across the Meridian region were today seen queueing up outside barber shops and hairdressers for a long awaited haircut.

For many, it'll be the first time it's been done (by a professional, that is) in 2021.

In Abingdon people were out first thing this morning waiting for a much overdue trim.

  • Bawan Hamidi, Manager of Abingdon Barber Shop

Manager of the Abingdon Barber Shop, Bawan Hamidi, says: "It was really busy and we start very busy at early morning so when we came there was a queue outside so all the customers were happy to come out to get their hair cuts."

Customers were seen leaving the shop with both delighted and relieved facial expressions, with one saying: " Absolutely great. It's been a while since I last had my hair cut!".

While another said was happier for another reason: "I can see my ears now!".

One of many Ashford barbers gets down to business Credit: ITV News Meridian

It was the same story over in Kent, as dozens of people were lining the high street at 8AM this morning to be the first ones in the barber's chair.

No appointments were necessary but perhaps a bit of patience on the first day back at work for barbers like Hewa Majidi. He says, "We're back open so hopefully we won't go back into another lockdown".

  • Hewa Majidi, barber

There might be longer hair but the queues in Ashford should be shorter, famously the town has dozens of barbers and hairdressers.

As thousands of people get their haircut today across the Meridian region, today means more than the end of amateur hairdressing.

It's a step towards normality, feeling more normal and looking it as well.

  • ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee gets his haircut in Bournemouth