The South wakes up to unexpected flurries of snow

Snow and sleet have hit parts of the South this morning, with cool temperatures set to stay throughout the day in Oxfordshire and Kent.

Today sees easing of coronavirus restrictions: some pubs and restaurants will start outdoor dining to be in line with Covid-19 guidelines; non-essential shops; gyms; zoos; barbers and hairdressers will welcome customers for the first time in 2021.

But it'll be a cold start to the week across the Meridian region, with people across the Thames Valley and Kent waking up to flurries and blankets of snow.

Despite the weather in Tunbridge Well, residents still ventured out on their morning walk and a trip to the coffee shops which have today opened up for outdoor dining.

Cold coffee, anyone? Credit: ITV News Meridian
Tunbridge Wells, Kent Credit: ITV News Meridian

In Oxfordshire, blankets of snow swept across the hills. Temperatures are expected to cool off throughout the day.

The Met Office says temperatures will get warmer from tomorrow, with highs of 13°C across the region.

In Oxfordshire, blankets of snow swept across the hills. Credit: ITV News Meridian