Biggest rockfall in 60 years for Dorset's Jurassic Coast

Watch: huge cliff fall on the Jurassic Coast

A section of beach in Dorset remains cordoned off following a huge cliff fall. It happened just west of Weymouth. The coastal path above has been closed off.

Dorset Council says more cliff is expected to be lost. 

4,000-tons came away from the cliff in Dorset with massive chunks - some the size of cars - plummeting towards the beach hundreds of feet below. It's the biggest rockfall in 60 years seen on the Jurassic Coast .

The dramatic landslip near Seatown saw trees floating out to see.

The Coastal Path has been closed amid fears there could be more falls more with an urgent investigation underway.

Student Geologist Jodie Brewin says "Basically it's to do with re-weathering and erosion that basically falls hand-in-hand and shapes this coastline."

The Meridian region has seen its fair share of rock and cliff falls. In February, the chalk cliffs that border much of Kent and Sussex saw a big increase in the number of massive falls.

There were warnings the coast could dramatically change by the summer. Locals heard creaking at Kingsgate Bay in Broadstairs earlier this year.

In addition, an eyewitness has described hearing a "loud crack" before a huge section of the White Cliffs of Dover collapsed into the sea.