Man who assaulted shop staff during two robberies is jailed

Michael Thormann on CCTV

A robber who targetted two shops in Dartford in two days has been jailed for more than five years.

Michael Thormann assaulted two different members of shop staff, threatening one with a knife and damaging a glass screen in the process. 

Thormann’s first offence took place at a shop in Hill House Road in Stone in December 2020.

CCTV captured him hiding four cans of cider in his coat, before walking to a fridge and placing a can of cola in his pocket. 

When challenged by a member of shop staff, he said he would return the items and then attempted to pay for an energy drink at the till. 

Watch: CCTV of Michael Thormann targeting the shop in Stone

The transaction was declined by the bank and, in response, he punched a screen in front of the cashier. 

He then walked behind the till and assaulted the victim before being escorted away by members of the public. 

He left the store with the items he had originally concealed, and an additional packet of cigarettes.

The next evening, he stole items from a service station in London Road in Greenhithe.

Suspecting he had shoplifted, a member of staff followed Thormann outside. 

Thormann then pushed the employee to the floor, threatened them with a knife and demanded they hand over their phone.

A member of the public then intervened and was also threatened before Thormann ran away.

Michael Thormann Credit: Kent Police

The 31-year-old from Swanscombe, admitted robbery, attempted robbery, actual bodily harm, theft, criminal damage and threatening a person with a knife.

He was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court to five years and three months’ imprisonment.