Rehabilitation scheme to help homeless people starts in Kent

The scheme will help homeless people with drink and drug addictions and mental illness

The easing of lockdown restrictions can present new challenges for those helping homeless people.

In response, Kent County Council, the charity Porchlight and Look Ahead have revamped a scheme called 'Kent Homeless Connect'.

It aims to provide a 'one stop shop' for homeless people seeking help, especially with drink and drug addictions and mental illness.

Steve Kennett, who spent three years on the streets and now works for the scheme, says the initiative can save and transform lives.

He says the community, drug and alcohol team are all combined together, to create a customer-led business.

  • Steve Kennett, Kent Homeless Connect:

Aidan Gray, from Porchlight, says the charity helps homeless people have training, so they can get jobs.

He says it's about working with the vulnerable people at risk of homelessness, to support their entry back into the community.

  • Aidan Gray, Porchlight: