Memories of the Duke: Hampshire man tells his story

Watch: report by ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee

Someone who met the Duke on many occasions was Chris Whitlock from Sway in the New Forest. One of those times was when Prince Philip visited his school in the 1950s. We've found old footage of that visit, which Chris was delighted to see. Here is his story.

Chris Whitlock is trying to spot himself in the crowd of school children who welcomed the Duke of Edinburgh to his school in 1956. 

Philip was there to lay the foundation stone for a new assembly hall. 

Chris remembers the Duke as a dashing figure who they were all very excited to see at their school. 

The first time Chris saw the Duke he was with the Queen in her Coronation year. Credit: Pathe

Chris saw the Duke for the first time when he was with the Queen in her Coronation year.

Chris was on a visit to Sandringham with his parent and grandparents. He remembers the Duke took great interest in his toy tractor, which he still has today.  

Chris Whitlock

The toy tractor the Duke had great interest in Credit: ITV News Meridian

Chris has followed the royals with interest for all his life and says his thoughts are also with the Queen at this time.  

"It does seem a shame that she's lost her husband just when they've been able to relax together because they've all worked so hard."

Chris will watch the Duke's funeral with much sadness, but also fond memories.