Who are the Saints fans from all corners of the world?

Watch: report by ITV News Meridian's Andrew Pate

Southampton FC have reached the semi-finals of the FA cup. They play Leicester City this Sunday evening (18/04).This is a huge match for Saints fans in the UK, but did you know there is a massive fanbase from across the world?

We've been speaking to Southampton supporters from the four corners of the earth to find out how they feel right now; where they will be watching the match; what it would mean to them if Saints won; if they did win, what would it mean to the club globally; and how nervous they are ahead of the game.

  • Trevor Foy- Melbourne, Australia

Trevor Foy- Melbourne, Australia Credit: ITV News Meridian

Trevor in Australia say's that staying in the Premier League and winning an FA Cup will open up a lot of opportunities for Southampton FC. He's wants to see Southampton be rewarded for all their efforts.

He'll be watching the match very early on Monday morning.

  • Srijan Pathak- Mumbai, India

Srijan Pathak- Mumbai, India Credit: ITV News Meridian

Srijan in India is quarantining at home with coronavirus so he'll be watching the match at home. He say's it would mean absolutely everything to him if Southampton won and being a fan in India is really uncommon.

He say's out of a population of 1.7 billion, there are only 22 Saints fans that he knows of!

  • Alec Weise- Milwaukee, USA

Alec Weise- Milwaukee, USA Credit: ITV News Meridian

Alec in the USA say's he'll be very nervous watching Southampton play on Sunday and that being a Southampton supporter in the United States is not very common at all. Most of his friends who watch football follow other teams e.g Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

  • Lucy Highnett- Sheffield, UK

Lucy Highnett- Sheffield, UK Credit: ITV News Meridian

Lucy from Sheffield says there would be a tinge of sadness if Southampton won the match on Sunday as Saints fans aren't allowed to attend the game, to cheer their team on.