No flights over Heathrow during Prince Philip's funeral

The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral will not be disturbed by planes flying to or from Heathrow, the airport has announced.

Windsor is often subjected to the noise of overhead jets as it is just six miles from the west London airport.

Flights will not take place over Windsor out of respect for the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral

But Heathrow has said no arrivals or departures will fly over the area during the funeral.

The airport is also prohibiting planes from taking off or touching down for a six-minute period coinciding with the national one-minute silence at 3pm on Saturday to mark the start of the service.

No flights will land or take off from Heathrow Airport for a six minute period

The airport tweeted its condolences to the Royal family following the death of Duke of Edinburgh.

Meanwhile Gatwick Airport confirmed on Twitter it will also observe the one minute silence in honour of the Duke.

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