David Bowie exhibition: rare photos to showcase in Brighton

Watch: report by ITV News Meridian's Charlotte Wilkins

Tickets to a rare collection of intimate photos of David Bowie have gone on sale in Brighton.

The exhibition has been extended until next January to allow everyone to see it.

Throughout his career, David Bowie took on many different personas, but to his close friend Geoff MacCormack, he was just David.

The pair travelled the world together, and this is the result: an exhibition giving a personal insight into life on the road and a life-long friendship.

Geoff MacCormack and David Bowie were best friends Credit: ITV News Meridian

Geoff and David met when they were just eight years old and their friendship lasted more than 60 years.

This exhibition hopes to capture just how close they were as friends and how much fun they had.

Martin Pel, Curator

Rock 'n' Roll with Me first opened at Brighton Museum in October 2020.

Now people have another chance to see this extraordinary collection of photographs taken by someone who knew Bowie best.

We're desperate to have the public back to the pavilion and our museums. We're just so lucky that it's almost the perfect exhibition. An exhibition of photographs of David Bowie, very personal photographs that most people wouldn't have seen before.

Hedley Swain, CEO Brighton Pavilion and Museums Trust

Rock 'n' Roll with Me first opened at Brighton Museum in October 2020.

The exhibition opens from 18th May to 23rd January 2022.