£80,000 worth of motorbikes stolen in masked raid

  • Watch the video report by ITV Meridian's Penny Silvester

A grandfather says he is devastated after three valuable motorcross bikes were stolen from his home near Reading. 

CCTV captured the moment a masked gang broke into a lock up at Adrian Williams's home. 

The bikes originally belonged to a famous motocross racer and are worth around £80,000.

The brazen thieves were captured on CCTV as they began casing the property near Wellington Country Park at 3am.

They used bolt cutters to prize off several padlocks on the lock-up and wheeled away the bikes to a waiting vehicle. 

Adrian Williams says he knew he'd been burgled when he stepped out of his house and saw the lockup door wide open.

The bikes used to belong to motocross racer, Kees van der Ven, who was one of the world's top riders in the 1980s.

Adrian says they are irreplaceable because of their sentimental value, as his mother was a big fan of the Dutch racer.

  • Adrian Williams, Homeowner:

The thieves are shown on CCTV to spend 40 minutes at the property while the family were asleep.

Adrian says it was a shock to see the bikes had gone.

He says: "I've collected them over the years and it is soul-destroying to see them gone."

"I think they came here to rob us but the bikes were a bonus when they cut the container open. We think they didn't know they were there and when they opened up, it was like the jackpot."

Dutch motocross racer, Kees van der Ven

Adrian's Step-daughter, Hayley Hallas says she no longer feels safe at the house after the incident.

She says: "They walked around like they owned the place. This isn't a farm. This is my home. This is where my horses are. My daughter plays here, this is her garden. I don't feel safe here."

  • Hayley Hallas, Step-daughter:

We are absolutely devastated. We just want them back. Someone out there must know where they are.

Adrian Williams, Homeowner

The motocross community has rallied round on social media, as they remain on the look out for the bikes to be reunited with their owners.