Roads 'like the surface of the moon', says RAC in new pothole report

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There's been a record number of pothole related breakdowns after cold weather at the start of the year.

The RAC says they have reached a three year high, with the equivalent of 52 drivers a day hitting a pothole and suffering damage to their vehicle.

The motoring organisation says it had nearly 5000 call outs in the first three months of 2021 alone.  

Credit: ITV Meridian

John Davies from Eastleigh says the state of the roads is "just not good enough."

It comes after he had to pay £340 for two new shock absorbers, new tracking and two new tyres after he hit a pothole.

  • John Davies, Driver:

The new report by the RAC comes as no surprise to staff at MPC garage in Basingstoke, which has a scrap bin full of coil springs and shock absorbers.

Michael Paul, Owner, MPC garage says potholes are the main culprits of extensive damage caused to car tyres.

He said: "We've seen buckled wheels, damage tyres, broken coil springs and shock absorbers."

"A genuine wheel for a BMW for example is about £400 and then there's the cost of changing it, so it can incur quite high costs."

  • Michael Paul, Owner, MPC garage:

Nick Lyes, Head of Roads, RAC says it's not a guarantee that drivers will get their money back if they hit a pothole and undergo an expensive repair job.

He says it will depend on whether or not the local authority is aware of the specific pothole in the first place.

Nick says: "If the local authority aren't aware it's there, there's probably not a lot you can do about it. However, if the local authority are aware the pothole is there, then you might well have a case in terms of getting compensation."

  • Nick Lyes, Head of Roads, RAC:

The Government says it's giving £2.5 billion to local authorities to fix potholes.