Parents warn others after man is jailed for sexually assaulting their daughter

A mother and father whose daughter was sexually abused, speak anonymously to ITV News Meridian

A mother and father, whose young daughter was sexually assaulted over a period of time, have shared their family’s experience in the hope that it will encourage others to come forward, and report such crimes to the police.

The crimes first came to light after a text message was spotted by the mother on her daughter's phone. It was then revealed that the man, from the Thames Valley area, had been sending her hundreds of messages.

David and Katie, whose names and voices have been changed to protect their daughter’s identity, wanted to share their family’s experiences of the ordeal they suffered, to warn others of the signs to look out for.

Earlier this year, 55 year old Simon Honour from the Thames Valley, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of assaulting a girl under 13.

He was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and placed under a sexual harm prevention order and on the sex offenders’ register for life.

The offences happened over a period of time in the last five years.

Simon Honour was jailed for seven years

Meanwhile, The Childrens' Society says parents should not feel stigmatised and that help is available for both youngsters and their parents when it comes to dealing with issues of child abuse.

Detective Constable Rosie Everitt, from Thames Valley Police, says the passage of time should be no barrier to reporting suspicions and that they will always look to investigate.

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