Owner of stolen motorbikes surprised by motocross hero

  • Video report from ITV News Meridian's Penny Silvester

On Tuesday we reported on Adrian Williams, who had told us of his shock and dismay when he discovered he'd been burgled and his prized collection of motocross bikes had been stolen. 

CCTV footage had captured masked men casing his property in the middle of the night. He was devastated.  

The bikes had belonged to Kees van der Ven who was one of the world's top riders in the 1980's. Adrian is a life-long fan and was distraught that his bikes had been taken. 

Masked men were captured on CCTV casing his property Credit: ITV News Meridian

So we decided to track down the Dutch champion - who as it turns out, had heard about the theft on social media, and remembered meeting the family. 

We arranged for Adrian to look back at the news report, little knowing that his dutch idol was about to appear on the screen in front of him.

  • Adrian's moment of realisation

Kees said: "I remember something of their faces I saw on the video and I hope they get nice memories back of the bikes. We can only hope someone calls and gives information".

An emotional Adrian said: "Thank you very much. That has made my day. All I want is the bikes back now".

We couldn't bring the bikes back, but arranging for Adrian to meet his idol, at least gave this super fan something to smile about.