Dorset MP calls for tougher sentencing for animal cruelty offences

Watch: Richard Slee reports on MP Chris Loder's private member's bill

A Dorset MP hopes to change the law so that people convicted of animal cruelty face longer prison sentences. 

Chris Loder is putting a private members bill through Parliament - which is expected to be passed next month.

Chris Loder MP is hopeful his private members bill will change the law

At the moment the maximum sentence for animal cruelty is six months in prison- the only option available to a judge recently sentencing a man who caused the deaths of ten horses and cruelty to 36 more.

But that could increase to five years if, as expected, this new law gets through the parliamentary process next week. 

Mr Loder believes the change is desperately needed:

The RSPCA supports the bill and hopes tougher sentencing will act as a deterrent.

Chris Loder's bill also has cross-party support from MP's and so is expected to pass it's final stage in the House of Lords on Wednesday and become law shortly after that.