Vehicle left wedged on traffic bollard in Canterbury as driver admits tailgating

A driver in Canterbury was in for a surprise after their car became stuck on a security bollard that lifted the car up into the air.

Council officials said it's the third such incident in a week, where vehicles tailgate other cars while trying to get through movable barriers in the city centre.

The latest incident was captured in this image taken on Friday 23 April, showing the driver's vehicle wedged around half a metre in the air.

Officials explained that the the driver involved admitted to a council officer on the scene that he was in the wrong and that he had seen the no tailgating sign.

The city council says the bollards were originally introduced as a counter terrorism measure. Credit: Canterbury City Council

Canterbury City Council said that there is clear signage at the bollards and that these incidents prove that anyone trying to tailgate through them "will come unstuck."

It said that the "overwhelming majority" of vehicles aren't allowed in the city centre, which has been the case for the decades.

The council added that anyone wanting to gain access must individually to their control team, rather than trying to risk breaking through.