Former Kent student wins praise for producing online black history lessons

  • Video from ITV News Meridian reporter Abigail Bracken

A former Kent school student has won praise for his work in producing online resources to teach other young people about black history.

Elliott Reid's Black History School project spans thousands of years of history, from ancient egypt to colonial rule, in free online resources available to anyone.

"My experience of African history was there was none when I was growing up, which was a myth that I had to undo," he said.

"I think that purely based on the racism that was propagated towards myself, like a lot of ethnic minorities, you are forced to look within.

"When you look within and you find something lacking, you then have to look outside and find what you can to fill that hole."

Elliott's former school, Gravesend Grammar, are among those to have adopted the lessons, which he wrote and filmed himself.

Simon Turvey, a teacher at the school, said: "I think they are fantastic, he's put a lot of time and effort into them, he's a very inspiring young man and I'm very pleased with what he's produced."