Mother gives birth to second biggest baby girl ever born in the UK

Video report by ITV News Meridian's Penny Silvester

A young mum from Oxfordshire has given birth to the second biggest baby girl ever born in the UK.

During pregnancy Amber Cumberland's bump was so big, doctors thought she might be carrying twins.

But there was just one, and Emilia weighed in at almost 13lb.

When she was delivered, the doctors laughed and said: "Congratulations,  you've got a toddler."

Two weeks on, new parents Amber Cumberland and Scott Joy are still getting over the shock at the size of their new baby girl.

They knew she was going to be big. But as the pregnancy progressed, the baby just grew and grew.

Amber says: "I couldn't turn over in bed without him [Scott] to help me. I had awful compressed nerves in my legs and stuff.

"If I stood up too quickly my stretch marks would start bleeding; really uncomfortable."

Scott says: "We knew it was going to be big. But I thought it would stay at 9-10lbs, I didn't think it was going to go any higher really. But 13lbs is definitely a big shock."

The average weight for a baby girl born in the UK is 7lb and 4oz.

However Emilia weighed in at almost double.

She is thought to be just two pounds lighter than the record holder baby Niamh who was born in Ipswich in 2012.

Baby Emilia Credit: ITV News Meridian

Emilia was almost two weeks overdue when she was delivered by caesarian section at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Emilia is two weeks old now and is unaware that her arrival made such a big impression.

Amber says: "She's a really calm baby. She does act like a month older than she is. She was kicking her feet out the other day like she was trying to start crawling.

"I was thinking, please don't - stay small for a little bit longer!"