Stolen bikes returned in the night following ITV report on their disappearance

CCTV shows unidentified person returning stolen bikes

The moment three stolen motorcross bikes worth thousands of pounds were returned to the house in Reading where they were taken has been captured on CCTV.

ITV News Meridian reported on how a gang of masked men broke into the property and made off with the bikes, leaving the owner completely distraught.

However less than two weeks after the TV appeal aired, the bikes, which had once belonged to a famous Dutch rider, were miraculously retuned to their rightful owner.

The owner Adrian Williams said he couldn't believe they were returned.

"Then all of a sudden last night, my son-in-law come in after 11pm and there were the bikes at the gateway.

"We just could not believe it, well, it's a dream come true it really is."

Dutch motocross racer, Kees van der Ven

The bikes are worth around £80,000 and used to belong to motocross racer, Kees van der Ven, who was one of the world's top riders in the 1980s.

Adrian says: "One of them has been in the family since 1986, they are like a part of the family and they were taken just like that, and to have them back, well I think my face tells it all."Those who had taken the bikes used bolt cutters to prize off several padlocks on the lock-up and wheeled away the bikes to a waiting vehicle. 

The CCTV shows an unidentified person leaning the bikes up against a fence at the edge of the property before Adrian's son-in-law returns home.

Adrian says: "I just can't thank enough everyone who has helped get these bikes back."