Man rescued after falling from Dorset cliffs

A major rescue operation has taken place in Dorset after a man fell from Old Harry Rocks near Swanage.

Lifeboats, coastguards and paramedics were called after a group of kayakers witnessed a person falling from the clifftop into the water.

Assistance was also requested from the air ambulance during yesterday's rescue.

Crew members prepare to stretcher the casualty to safety Credit: RNLI

Swanage lifeboat helm, Becky Mack said: "The kayakers and a boat near to the scene were waving at us to indicate the casualty location.

"We immediately went ashore and carried out an assessment of the casualty and made plans to evacuate them.

"The casualty was really fortunate that the kayakers were close by and that they were able to help so quickly."

The volunteer lifeboat crew worked with the kayakers to prepare the casualty to be evacuated from the shore to the all-weather lifeboat for onward transfer.

The casualty was recovered to a waiting ambulance at Swanage Lifeboat Station within 40 minutes of the callout.

The casualty is transferred to the ambulance service Credit: RNLI/Lucie Aggas

A spokesman for the RNLI added:"Many people are out exploring our beautiful coastline, and we urge everyone to stay a safe distance away from the cliff edges."