Protestors occupy Margate site to stop tree being cut down to make way for flats

Tony Green reports for ITV Meridian from Duke Street in Margate. He spoke to campaigners Dosh Archer and Daniel Bradley

Protesters are occupying a site in Margate that was once designated a community garden,  in a bid to stop it being developed.

Permission has been given to build a block of flats on Duke Street in the Old Town but that would mean the loss of a thirty foot tree in a conservation area. 

Campaigners have taken up residence in Duke Street

Campaigners claim the sycamore is the largest and oldest tree in Margate. And to save it they've taken up residence.

Thanet council, which has already granted planning permission, says their challenge won't succeed. 

In a statement, they said consent to fell the sycamore was granted in June 2018:

"At the time, greater weight was given to using the site in a positive way.

The council is currently developing a district-wide tree strategy to plan where trees can be added and what species would be suitable in each specific area."