Portsmouth man confirmed as freefall record holder after jumping into Solent from 131 feet

John Bream leaps from the helicopter into the Solent in October 2020

A former paratrooper from Portsmouth who leapt from a helicopter into the sea without a parachute has had his jump confirmed as a world record. 

34-year-old John Bream, nicknamed "the Flying Fish" dropped from a helicopter off the Hampshire coast in October last year.

John describes the epic jump

Guinness has now confirmed the 131ft jump was the highest ever from an aircraft into water.

John spent almost two years training for the attempt. He did it to raise awareness of veteran mental health and suicide.

He also wanted to prove that anything was possible if you put your mind to it.

'Flying fish' John Bream mid-leap

But the Flying Fish isn't stopping there. At the end of the month - he's hoping to achieve the world's highest tandem abseil  - from a hot air balloon.