West Reading residents call for long-term solution to fly-tipping problem

Watch: Full report by ITV News Meridian's Mel Bloor

Residents in West Reading are calling for a long-term solution to fly-tipping in their street.

Residents want the area fenced off to protect it from fly-tippers

Mattresses, bags of rubbish and wood are among the items being dumped along Chester Street.

Residents say the problem has been on-going for years.

ITV News Meridian first reported on the fly-tipping in Chester Street in March 2021. 

The rubbish was removed by the council but just days later, more appeared.

Fly-tipping misery for residents in Reading

Last year, Reading Borough Council created a Recycling and Waste Enforcement team to clamp down on fly-tipping.

A spokesperson said they will continue to monitor the problem in Chester Street and liaise with the landowner.

Fly-tipping carries a maximum penalty of an unlimited fine or up to five years imprisonment