Local Election Results: The picture across the south

  • Analysis by ITV Meridian Political Correspondent Phil Hornby

The outstanding result for the Conservatives in the South was that big win in Southampton - taking control of the council with 7 gains from Labour.

The Conservatives took control of Southampton City Council from Labour

They'll be very relieved too to hang on in Worthing, one of the areas where Labour are making real advances. Labour gained 5 seats there on West Sussex County Council  yesterday - and another 5 gains today on the borough council.

Emma Taylor, Labour Councillor for Heene Ward, celebrating on Sunday

It was not quite enough to dislodge the Tories but Labour are on the march in Worthing.

Unlike in Crawley which had been one of their top targets but they failed to take control there...Crawley where Labour had been so confident they chose it as the place for Sir Keir Starmer to launch their campaign.

Crawley Borough Council Credit: Google Earth

The Tories' biggest disappointment: losing control in Oxfordshire, where Labour made gains in David Cameron's backyard - Witney - and the Lib Dems ousted the Tory council leader in Woodstock. 

The Tories' biggest disappointment was losing control in Oxfordshire.

Talking of the Lib Dems - they are still firmly in charge in their big stronghold in the south -  Eastleigh - but made no real breakthroughs, although they did make big gains in areas like Wiltshire - up 6 - and Surrey County Council where they gained 10 seats.

A quick shout out to the Greens - who've made gains in the south, this one of their best local elections.It's not over yet - tomorrow will be dominated by the police and crime commissioner elections, where the Tories will probably sweep the board in the South.

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